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Dear Chris,

I wanted to write and tell you just how pleased I am with the work you performed on my “63” cabriolet. As I explained, I sourced a new 912 motor for the car from Stoddard’s a decade ago and until now have not realized it’s full potential. It was a very enjoyable ride back to Ashland in my “new” car—it has never performed better. I also need to give a shout out to Debbie. Her upbeat personality made for an excellent first impression that has not been let down since.

Thank you for sharing both your knowledge and enthusiasm.
Herbert E. Guenther
1963 356 cab Herbert E. Guenther

The car runs great and the brakes are fantastic! Nice to have a stable steering wheel too! Autobahn does EVERY kind of mechanical service for any Porsche – well equipped including dyno! Engine building a particular strength and full racecar services. Very satisfied with results – a Porsche service goldmine. No “parts changer” – REAL mechanic! J Siebert Aug 2011
1988 911 Carerra J Siebert

Chris and Deb, Thanks for all of the work on my car. Although I haven’t been able to drive it, I noticed how much better it tracked on the way home, the idle doesn’t seem to cough when the clutch is pushed in at a light like it used to. The clutch itself seems to come out all the way now. I am hoping that I can get a warmer day so I can take it out to drive it more before I cover it until spring. I haven’t even had the time to crawl under it and check out the heat exchanger yet! The sound pad looks great! I’m confident that Chris got everything fixed! Chris , thank you very much for the time spent talking to me about what needs done, is wrong, etc. To me that is worth a tremendous amount, and that is what will keep me coming back! Dave White Customer since 2004
1989 Porsche C4 Dave White

Dividing my time between Key West and Cleveland Heights and with a large selection of Porsche Dealers and Independent garages to choose from, I trust my ’04 C4S with Autobahn Extremist…..excellent work, and intelligent and knowledgeable crew….and did I mention the most important factor….Trust. Michael Jason Browne Customer since 2005
2004 Porsche Carrera Cab Michael Jason Browne

From the moment I met Chris Moore, I was extremely impressed. What struck me the most was the sincere interest he took in assisting me, a total stranger, with locating my first Porsche. Once I purchased the car, he spent time with me to discuss my plans for it, and never once made me feel like he had better things to do. Chris provides education when needed and sound guidance in the form of suggestion…never leaving me feeling pressured to do anything. I live in S.E. Michigan, which has a number of reputable Porsche mechanics, but it’s very much worth the trip to Rocky River, OH to have Chris perform his magic. I feel 100% comfortable leaving my car with him and can’t imagine going anyplace else…no matter where I may live. I can emphatically say that Chris is an expert in his craft, his integrity is evident in everything he does and his attention to detail is unmatched. Perfection is what leaves Autobahn Extremist and Chris makes certain of it! The fruits of Chris’ labor and care have given me one very clean Porsche… and when I get a heavy right foot, it feels like my liver is going to come right off of its mountings. I love that feeling! Dave Wright 3-year PCA member Michigan Region Customer since 20031986 Porsche 930 Dave Wright

Hi Guys!

I can’t tell you how great the car runs. It’s like driving a 2011 car! It is such a great feeling to just drive and not worry.
Looking forward to lots of sunny days this summer. See you in the winter to talk about some of her “cosmetic procedures” (now that her insides are perfect) Thanks again…no one else will ever touch the workings of this car! Autobahn extremist is a PERFECT name for your shop. Secretly…I think (my boyfriend) likes my car better. Faster…Stronger…his might be a little cuter (Porsche 356), but that’s it. In addition, he never complained about how is car drove until I started looking at cars with you guys. He’ll be drinking the kool-aid too!

1986 911 Carrera Sue

I met Chris in 2002 when I started turning a 924S street car into a race car. He’s been a huge help in making —and keeping—the car trackworthy. I have confidence in the car because I trust Chris and know he won’t let the car hit the track until it’s safe and fast. Dan Davis Customer since 2002
1987 924S race car PCA and NASA Dan Davis

When it came for a decision of either replacing my 15 year old 928, which I use as a daily driver and for some occasional track time, or having it brought back to the performance it had when new, I took the car to Autobahn Extremists for diagnosis of all that would need to be done, at what price, and the viability of doing the work. Chris went over the car from front to back, and came in with a recommendation that the work would be entirely practical, and at a realistic price. Suspension, electrical, power train, and a few incidentals were on Chris’s list, and when I got the car back, I was amazed at the difference. I had a new 928. It went like stink, cornered on rails, and was a total pleasure to drive. The results were truly amazing. Erwin Bruder 22-year PCA member Customer since 2002
1991 928S4 Erwin Bruder

My 1996 993C4 leaves the shop a totally different car. It’s almost as if I’m driving a new car out of the showroom. Chris and crew know what it takes to keep these cars performing the way that thy were meant to run. I can count on professional service, and surprisingly, at a reasonable price. Bill Polewachak 19-year PCA member Customer since 2005
1996 993C4 Bill Polewachak

I stopped going to dealer repair shops when I met Chris and Debbie Moore. Their work is reliable and timely. But, more than anything else, they are honest. Chris doesn’t try to replace parts that still have life in them. He doesn’t try to pad his bill with bogus charges. He’s down to earth and takes the time to explain why something needs to be done. He’s creative and is always cooperative. Chris and Deb treat my cars like they treat their own. Jim Stipanovich 19-year PCA member Customer since 2002
1977 911S and a 1999 996 Jim Stipanovich

I have a ’83 SC that I drive every day, even in the winter. Chris hates that and never misses a chance to remind me. It doesn’t bother me because how often do you find a mechanic who cares that much. Deb saw me at a gas station — filling up with a brand of gasoline that Chris doesn’t like–and pulled in just to chew me out. You can’t find that level of commitment anymore. The attitude is backed up with superb technical service. First class maintenance and creative solutions for problems. Chris overhauled my engine and the car runs better now than when I bought it nearly fifteen years ago. I am looking forward to the next 200,000 miles and I wouldn’t have the car worked on anywhere else. Rich Bedell Customer since 2001
1983 911sc Rich Bedell

Chris has a remarkable ability to tune all of the systems on the car. I had another 944 years ago (before I met Chris) and it never ran like this one. Chris made my car run and handle way better than what I thought was possible. Experiencing perfect engine tune, perfect alignment, and perfect brakes was a real eye opener. It all adds up to a very tangible difference in how the car runs and drives. I’m amazed by how good an older Porsche can be. Adam Fricke

Customer since 2002

PS: I like Debbie too, but Chris is a way better mechanic than she is! Sorry Deb.
1983 944 na Adam Fricke

Chris is the only one I’ll let touch my car. He knows how to get the performance I want out of my 944 based on the way I drive it. Gary Piontkowski Customer since 2001
1989 944 Gary Piontkowski

Thanks for the wonderful job setting up and preparing my car for the most recent PCA IRAC autocross. The car ran and handled beautifully, better than it ever has. The combination of suspension mods and engine tuning along with the new, wider tires all contributed to a superb handling vehicle. Enough so that I was able to place first in my class for the first time. Granted, the driver that ususally wins did not show up, but it was still a step in the right direction. Thanks for all your help. Bernie Zofcin 6-year PCA member Customer since 1998
1974 914 2.0 Ltr Autocross Bernie Zofcin

Hi Chris, I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the car. I already have over 400 miles on it and things are great. Frankly I don’t ever remember it behaving so well. I certainly don’t remember it smelling like this. I use the heater a bit in the mornings to keep the windshield clear as it has been a bit foggy at 6 AM on my way to Barberton and go figure it doesn’t smell like oil. As a matter of fact it never smells like oil. I park it in the garage after work and it doesn’t smell like oil. You did put oil in it didn’t you? So I wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on this car. I know we had our moments over the last 7 months but the bottom line is that no one in the past 10 years has ever been able to do what you just did. Thank you again. (complete engine rebuild) Greg Crough 2008
1973 911 Greg Crough

Chris, I enjoyed the drive home in the Boxster. Really did feel like a new car. I was so impressed that I kept working on it when I got home. Treated the leather, worked on the inner part of the wheels and cleaned and detailed the wheel wells. There was still hard-caked mud in there from when my son drove it. So now it’s all detailed and ready for the season. Thanks for your good work on the car. It feels great and safe. LaMar Wyse 2009
2001 BoxsterS LaMar Wyse

I am the third owner of my 1958A Porsche coupe which I purchased in 1967 in Pasadena, CA. I have lived in 5 different states and my car has been tuned and had major/minor engine work done by numerous mechanics over these 42 years. Chris, at Autobahn Extremist in Rocky River, OH has been the sole caretaker for the last 6 years and my car has never run better since 1967! Chris is just fantastic in what he does so that I get maxiumum enjoyment when I drive my (non-show) car out and about. As I retire and move to New Hampshire, I know that when I need engine work, I will be tempted to tow my car back to Ohio just so Chris can do the work. He is that good! Two added benefits when dealing with Autobahn Extremist is interacting with the receptionist, Debbie (C’s lovely wife), and seeing in and around the shop a full range of Porsches which include regular and high performance street cars as well as race cars. Obviously, I am not the only one who recognizes the excellent mechanical work that Chris does. Aaron Roy 2009 Loudon, NH
1958 356A Aaron Roy

It was a pleasure driving home last night. It is much improved! I aslo appreciate all the stories and information you shared on the business and Chris’s love for Porsche. I will be in touch soon to schedule work on the remaining items on Chris’s recommendation list. Mark Castell Willoughy, OH Customer since 2010
1986 911 Mark Castell

Chris and Deb and Staff, Thank you for a job well done. My car never ran so good, its fun to drive now, I just have to watch out for the speed traps and the Akron police. Thank you also for treating me like a human being instead of a bank account number. More and more places look to see how much money they can get from you for unnecessary work. Steve Talevich Akron, OH
1989 944 Turbo Steve Talevich