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Full Concours Restorations

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Body Strip and Prime

All body panels are stripped, metal repair work done as needed and panels are primed.

We use only Glasurit primer and paint just as Porsche factory did when your car was new.


Body Paint


After meticulously preparing the body and panels for paint. It’s time to paint with Glasurit.




After the paint job the car is rubbed and buffed. Black 930 cab detailed.

Full Interior

After paint, the entire car is reassembled.  We do full interiors in leather or vinyl, Full 28 piece carpet sets, Headliners, Dash and Seats!

Here are some of our pieces. Fresh door panels.

Engine and Trans Rebuild

A Full restoration would not be complete without a refreshed or rebuilt transmission and engine.  We at Autobahn want your ride to perform factory new or better and not just be a show queen. We obsess over the right bolts, the right patina on the bolts, the correct functioning of all the parts individually which  make the whole outstanding.   If parts are no longer available we restore you part or machine new, its all in the details.  You’ll also be pleasantly pleased as our motor are recognizable by their performance and sound.  Have our own mustang dyno has its benefits.

Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades whether its suspension, engine, exhaust, or custom transmission gearing is all handled in house.  Most of our customers are honored to have Chris Moore work on their car.

We can dyno before and after to prove horsepower gains and torque!

Smart products sway bar install pictured above.

The same attention to detail is given to a simple oil change.  We have many different oils for your application and driving style, our clamps are even made in Germany.  We have scales to corner weight race cars, install roll cages, or give your street car a proper 4 wheel alignment and more.