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Autobahn Extremist
Autobahn Extremist goes above and beyond the normal Porsche shop.
Whether you enjoy your Porsche through drivers' education, autocross,
concours, or Sunday drives, we can meet your needs.

Call Today (440) 333-3245


Call Today At! (440) 333-3245

About Us

We have a wide knowledge of the inspection industry and are equipped with technology that provides high quality and efficient inspection services

We perform the mileage maintenance services recommended by the manufacture. Proper maintenance will keep fuel economy at its best and can reduce costly unexpected repairs.

We have the manufacture diagnostic equipment required to perform all mechanical repairs.

Our mission is to build a respectful and long lasting relationship with our clients, employees, vendors, the community, and our environment.

Why Choose Us?

   Fully Insured
   Direct contact with ownership
   Friendly experience crew
   Highest level of quality work
   Reliable and dependable
   Efficient and professional service


Call Us Now! (440) 333-3245


Call Us Now! (440) 333-3245

Performance Upgrades whether its suspension, engine, exhaust, or custom transmission gearing is all handled in house.  Most of our customers are honored to have Chris Moore work on their car.
We can dyno before and after to prove horsepower gains and torque!

Smart products sway bar install pictured above.

The same attention to detail is given to a simple oil change.  We have many different oils for your application and driving style, our clamps are even made in Germany.  We have scales to corner weight race cars, install roll cages, or give your street car a proper 4 wheel alignment and more.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

I met Chris in 2002 when I started turning a 924S street car into a race car. He’s been a huge help in making —and keeping—the car trackworthy. I have confidence in the car because I trust Chris and know he won’t let the car hit the track until it’s safe and fast.
Dan Davis-
The people of Autobahn Extremist are more than just superbly knowledgeable about Porsches. They are passionate about Porsches. They live, breathe, eat, sleep Porsches. From routine maintenance to street upgrades to all-out racing development, Chris Moore is the most talented and creative and customer-friendly Porsche technician you will ever find.
Mike Marn-
I stopped going to dealer repair shops when I met Chris and Debbie Moore. Their work is reliable and timely. But, more than anything else, they are honest. Chris doesn’t try to replace parts that still have life in them. He doesn’t try to pad his bill with bogus charges. He’s down to earth and takes the time to explain why something needs to be done. He’s creative and is always cooperative. Chris and Deb treat my cars like they treat their own.
Jim Stipanovich-
The car runs great and the brakes are fantastic! Nice to have a stable steering wheel too! Autobahn does EVERY kind of mechanical service for any Porsche – well equipped including dyno! Engine building a particular strength and full racecar services. Very satisfied with results – a Porsche service goldmine. No “parts changer” – REAL mechanic!
J Siebert-

Autobahn Extremist Call Us Today! (440) 333-3245

Autobahn Extremist is a locally owned company that offers Body Strip,Body Prime,Body Paint,Full Interior and Engine Rebuild service.